our cats

We live with our two cats Lizzy and Olly. Olly was adopted from the Woodgreen Animal Shelter whereas Lizzy came from the The Sheffield Cats Shelter.

Recently, in July 2008, we lost our third cat Mitzi, who had to be put down due to severe infections resulting from dog bites. We miss her very much. She is now in kitty heaven playing with her brother Max, who died in a car accident just 6 weeks after we adopted him and Mitzi in 2002.

Mitzi and Olly liked to help with the housework once in a while. Mitzi liked to sit in or on things and sleep whereas Olly likes to lie on the laptop. He is also allergic to a lot of things and we have to be very careful what we feed him. If you would like to have any more information about how we deal with his allergy, then feel free to email us.

august 2008